Activity type

With the support and adhesion of entities that we have achieved, we cannot but consider MEDNIGHT’s actions as a long-term project that takes its first steps here. To a greater or lesser extent all the beneficiaries of the action have been organising for several years activities in the European Researchers’ Night on our own. So we have decided that the best way to start working all together is in this MEDNIGHT proposal with which we all feel identified. To be faithful to the proposal we propose to define and make visible the Mediterranean Science, we are going to carry out two kinds of actions. 

On the one hand from coordination we will generate transversal actions that are implemented in each of the participating entities. On the other hand, and based on the experience of previous years, each entity will act independently in the organisation of activities in its area of influence, executed in their own activity plan, always in compliance with the health measures established by the competent authorities.


For each one of the events organised by the entities, we will provide the “Mediterranean Science” seal to the activities that are most representative of this concept that we want to identify and transmit. In a broad sense, all activities would enter into Mediterranean Science, which is done in our territory and by our fellow citizens. 

However, we see as positive to limit this concept in this first phase so that it is not dispersed among the entire framework of scientific disciplines that work with all of us, defining Mediterranean Science around the following areas: geology and biodiversity, sea and pollution, climate and clean energy, diet and nutrition, life and health, history and heritage, women scientists and future.