Towards an Artificial Intelligence by and for Society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution we find ourselves immersed in. AI is the discipline within IT or engineering whose objective is the development of intelligent (non-biological) computer systems, taking human intelligence as a benchmark. In the same way that human intelligence is diverse, complex and multiple, Artificial Intelligence […]

Saffromfood: the benefits of saffron beyond colouring

Hidden inside a flower, the most coveted spice in the world is found: saffron. It is used as a colourant in recipes such as paella, but its properties go beyond this. This is what Saffromfood, a project of the Department of Agriculture and Food Technology of the Higher Polytechnic School of Orihuela of the Miguel […]

The secret of the survival of the turtles

A priori, the qualities of the Greek turtle (Testudo graeca) are all handicaps: it is very slow, small, it does not regulate its body temperature, it needs to hibernate and does not live as long a Galapagos turtles. However, recent studies indicate that the Greek turtle has a secret weapon: the capacity of the females […]

Juice and Health: Squeezing the myth

Industrial baked goods or sweets are products that are easily identifiable as being harmful to health due to their high sugar or fat content, but other foods such as sugary drinks, including fruit juices, continue to be perceived as being beneficial to the health of children, although they might not be. A study by the […]